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Stan Scott: The Weaver

These unique programs include the sophisticated melodies and rhythms of North Indian classical music, devotional and philosophical songs (bhajans) of the great medieval Hindi poets, and songs of love, work, social life and worship in Bengal, Bangladesh, Assam and Meghalaya.  The lively rhythms of east Indian folk music provide a complementary contrast to the serious, contemplative mood of Hindustani classical music.  Dr. Scott sings and plays guitar, accompanied by the Rangila Chorus and virtuoso accompanists on tabla (drums), Indian harmonium, and bansuri (bamboo flute).

These concerts are woven from repertoire, images and experiences that Stan Scott has gathered and created in four decades of travel, study, and musical life in Ireland, India, and the northeastern United States.  Instrumental pieces for guitar, mandolin and banjo draw on rhythmic and melodic ideas from around the globe.  Songs include accompanied and unaccompanied ballads, love songs, humorous complaints, and the overarching theme of nature and cross-cultural understanding.

This general introduction can be tailored to elementary, middle school, high school, or university audiences.  Students receive a hands-on introduction to the basic concepts of raga (Indian melody) tala (Indian rhythm), classical and folk song genres, and instruments in northern and eastern India and Bangladesh.

An introduction to Irish traditional singing and instrumental music, exploring the links between Irish music, culture, and history, including  the long years of struggle under colonial rule, the impact of three centuries of emigration, and the formation of the modern Irish nation.

Students learn some of the basics of Indian melody, rhythm, and vocal performance, getting hands-on experience of several stages in the exposition of an Indian raga.